The "Senior" Junior Engineer

Self improvement via 30 minute projects w/ Warner Onstine @ Coffee In, Code Out

February 15, 2021 Season 1 Episode 10
The "Senior" Junior Engineer
Self improvement via 30 minute projects w/ Warner Onstine @ Coffee In, Code Out
Show Notes


This week I got the chance to speak with 20+ year veteran in the industry, Warner Onstine. Hailing from Dallas, TX, Warner is the founder and owner at coffee in code out. Has worked at large companies like Intuit, founded his own startup, now works as a remote freelance contractor while also building his own learning platform, "30-minute projects"

  • Managing engineers
    • Be the "shield" for your engineers, protect them from bad policies or things that would prevent your team from being as effective as they could be.
    • Identify where your team members want to go one day, it helps his team members bring their best & builds trust amongst the team.
    • Connecting people benefits everyone in the long run
    • Learning to step back, trust your team members to execute on your vision. But, you have to be able to effectively communicate that vision to the team.
  • stay up to date in an industry that is constantly changing by subscribing to mailing lists, scan to see what's "hot" and what is starting to get traction.
  • "Be so good they can't ignore you" - Why "follow your passion" is bad advice.
    • find what you're passionate about what you're already doing. Get better at those
    • Find where you want to get better, focus on growing those skills
  • How to finally get your side project finished
    • Code every day! - Read the article below
    • Create a 4-6 wk deliverability plan with goals
    • break the project down into 30 min chunks
    • keep an engineering journal
  • Three biggest takeaways
    • Do a side project and see it to completion.
    • Blog, write something, a youtube channel, express your ideas and engage with other developers. Blogging forces you to do written communication and express them in a way that others can understand
    • Don't be defensive, try not to have an ego about your own work. If someone comes to ask a question & you feel like they're attacking you, remember they are talking about the work and not you. Assume optimistic intent.

Warner Onstine — Twitter, Github, Linkedin, Coffee In Code Out
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